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Name:Cdr. John Crichton
Location:uncharted territories

John Crichton: My grandmother used to say that life is a great wheel. Sometimes it      
grinds you down to the mud, and other times it lifts you up into the light.                         
Ka D'Argo: Are we strapped to this wheel?                                                                             
John Crichton: That's a given. The point is, is that most times you get a second chance.
You just gotta wait for the wheel.

John Robert Crichton, Jr., is an astronaut and theoretical scientist in his 30s.

Einstein: Time.
John Crichton: Flies.
Einstein: Time.
John Crichton: Bandits.
Einstein: Time.
John Crichton: Wounds all heels.
Einstein: Time.
John Crichton: [sings] Rosemary and...
Einstein: Time.
John Crichton: Time ends.

This is an unofficial fan account created for the purposes of role playing in [community profile] ten_fwd. I do not own Cdr. John Crichton, who is the property of Brian Henson/David Kemper/Rockne S. O'Bannon/The Jim Henson Company/et al. I am not Ben Browder. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made.
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